Information for Patients :: Pediatric MRI

Pediatric MRI

Sarasota Anesthesiologists provide care for children undergoing diagnostic Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) testing.

Because most children find it difficult to lie completely still during the testing, our anesthesia care team devotes one morning each week in the MRI department. Together with a pediatrician, we evaluate your child to determine what type of anesthesia is necessary. Most frequently general (asleep) anesthesia is used, however, occasionally we can obtain excellent results using only sedation. Since your child may receive general anesthesia, it is important he or she follow the nothing by mouth guidelines.

After your physician schedules the scan with the Sarasota Memorial Radiology Department, a pediatric nurse will contact you to ask some screening questions and to inform you of the schedule, when to last feed your child and where to report. The morning of the procedure you will meet with a hospital pediatrician, a radiology nurse and your anesthesia care team. Your child's records will be reviewed and your child briefly examined. Depending on your child's age, maturity and health we may decided to start an IV before or after going off to sleep. We will take your child awake to the MRI scanner. You may accompany your child, but we ask that other siblings or family members stay behind. You may need to leave siblings at home or bring a chaperone. The anesthesiologist will apply anesthesia monitors and begin the anesthesia. Once your child is asleep you will be asked to leave the scanner. We will keep your child comfortable during the scan and you will see your child once we're done and are back in the holding area.

Please recognize that although this procedure is "only" a head MRI, the anesthetic for this procedure is not significantly different from any other general anesthetic. Your anesthesiologist will discuss the anesthetic plan and it's inherent risks with you and will be happy to answer all your questions.